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California Homeowners Insurance Quotes (2023)

Safeco and Travelers offer some of the best homeowners insurance policies in California.

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Updated March 6, 2023

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The average cost of home insurance in California is $237 per month. But the amount you’ll pay for your own insurance policy in the Golden State depends on a number of factors, including how much additional coverage you need, where you live, the frequency of natural disasters in your area, and any discounts you’re eligible for.

In California, earthquakes and the potential for wildfires can affect your homeowners insurance premiums — including what additional coverage options are available. Additionally, policies usually don’t cover flood damage, so you might need to consider that, especially if you live in an area that has experienced flooding in recent years.

Here’s what you need to know about California home insurance, including the best home insurance companies to protect your home and how to get the cheapest home insurance rates.

The best home insurance companies in California

Many quality home insurance companies serve homeowners in California. However, the best home insurance company for you will depend on your individual situation and needs. Here are some of the best insurance companies available in California based on certain criteria.

Best large insurer: Safeco

Safeco received a customer satisfaction score of 809 from J.D. Power’s most recent study of home insurance companies. Safeco is owned by Liberty Mutual, another large insurance company, with a rating of 805 out of 1,000 from J.D. Power.[1] The average monthly cost for Safeco insurance in California is $552. This represents a higher cost than the average of some of the other companies on our list.


  • Discount for bundling a home and car insurance policy

  • Optional features, including identity theft and a guaranteed repair network

  • Ability to add umbrella insurance for additional personal liability coverage


  • Fewer discounts for premiums than some competitors

  • Doesn’t offer flood insurance or water backup damage coverage

  • Average monthly cost is higher than some other companies in California

Best insurer for cheap rates: Travelers

Travelers insurance offers a variety of coverages at a reasonable cost for California homeowners. The J.D. Power score for Travelers is on the low side, at 794 out of 1,000.[1] But if you want to save money, getting a quote from Travelers can be a good idea. The average monthly cost for Travelers insurance in California is $76. This represents one of the cheapest insurers on the list. However, the price might be higher if you add other types of coverage or make claims.


  • Options and discounts for green home efforts

  • Access to different customer service options, including talking to a local agent

  • Discounts for bundling different types of insurance


  • No coverage for manufactured homes

  • Personal liability policy may not cover all dog breeds

  • Discounts aren’t unique and might be found with other companies

Best for wildfire coverage: Mercury Insurance

An earthquake is one of the biggest natural disasters you’re likely to encounter in California. However, for California residents, getting separate coverage through the California Earthquake Authority is likely to be your best bet. Next, though, is getting wildfire coverage.

Mercury Insurance meets California’s Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) and can help you with additional issues resulting from wildfires. This plan can help with gaps for items like theft, leaks, loss of use, and other types of coverage.

Mercury Insurance costs about $501 per month, on average.


  • FAIR plan coverage

  • Add-ons for high-value personal property and other coverages

  • Financial stability is high, according to A.M. Best[2]


  • Some underwriting processes (such as for the roof) are strict

  • Customer service is limited

  • J.D. Power rated Mercury below average in customer satisfaction[1]

Best insurer for high-value homes: Kemper Preferred

Kemper Preferred is only available in 13 states, including California. Kemper Preferred offers a variety of additional endorsements and coverage options. This wide variety of available products makes it a good potential choice for high-value homes.

The average cost of Kemper Preferred is $499 per month.


  • Large number of endorsements options available

  • Works with independent agents and brokers

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau[3]


  • Monthly premiums are relatively high

  • Mobile app is poorly rated

  • High number of customer complaints, even though the BBB rating is higher

Best regional insurance company: Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA)

This AAA-associated business offers home coverage in addition to car insurance. The Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA SoCal) is well-rated by J.D. Power, with an above-average rating of 838 out of 1,000.[1]

AAA SoCal offers some of the more affordable premiums in California, with an average monthly cost of $131.


  • Caters to California residents

  • Works with independent agents and brokers

  • Affordable premiums and AAA discounts


  • You might need to pay for AAA membership to access insurance products

  • If you move from California, you might need to switch companies

  • Some of the products are limited


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How much is homeowners insurance in California?

Several factors can influence your home insurance costs, including your location and the type of home insurance policy you select. However, the state average is $237 per month.

“Location is critical to homeowners insurance costs in California,” says Steve Rivera, partner at California-based The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers. “Exposure to potential wildfire is a big part of it, but so is whether you’re located more than five miles from a paid fire station.”

Rivera also points to locations outside city limits, or in hard-to-reach places, as other ways prices could be influenced. He also says that different endorsements and additional coverage for various structures could result in higher rates.

How your policy choices affect home insurance rates in California

Your home insurance policy is affected by several different factors.

Your policy form

Your policy form specifies what types of perils are covered by your insurance. Perils are specific disasters that might affect your home. There are 16 recognized perils, but not all of them are covered by your policy form. The type of policy form you have determines which perils are covered.

Here are a few common policy forms:

  • HO-3 (special form): Covers all 16 perils named by the Insurance Information Institute (III) 

  • HO-1 (basic form): Only covers 10 of the 16 listed perils

  • HO-2 (broad form): Covers more perils than HO-1, but fewer than HO-3

Unique forms are available for older homes (HO-8) and renters (HO-4), as well as a policy form for mobile homes (HO-7). No matter your policy form, earthquakes and flooding aren’t usually part of coverage. You generally need a separate flood insurance policy and earthquake insurance policy.

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Your coverage level

The more coverage you get, the higher your premium. However, a higher coverage limit can ensure that you have enough support to cover your rebuilding costs, medical payments, additional living expenses, and other costs.

“A good place to start when determining coverage amount is to find out what contracts in the area charge to rebuild homes in your area,” Rivera says. “Compare like quality and finishes so you can get a better idea of the replacement cost.”

Your deductible

A deductible is the amount you pay out of your own pocket before your insurance kicks in. For example, if you have a deductible of $1,000 on your homeowners policy, your insurance company won’t pay out on any claim until you’ve paid $1,000 of your own money toward the expense.

If you have a higher deductible, your monthly premium is likely to be lower. However, your premiums don’t count toward your deductible and you have to pay your deductible with each new claim. That’s why it’s a good idea to set your deductible to a level you know you can afford.

How location affects home insurance rates in California

Different states — as well as different ZIP codes within a state — can yield different home insurance quotes. In California, the possibility that you’ll be subject to wildfires and earthquakes affects your quote. Additionally, whether you live in a ZIP code with a higher crime rate can affect your rate.

Here are some of the average monthly quotes for five cities in California:

CityAverage Monthly Quote
Los Angeles$267
San Diego$365
San Francisco$177
Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify’s partner insurance providers and quote estimates from Quadrant Information Services. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer’s unique profile.

What are the cheapest home insurance companies in California?

When looking at the traditional insurance market, you might want to start with the cheapest insurance companies in California. The three cheapest insurance companies are:

  • Travelers

  • Hippo

  • Stillwater

However, your specific needs might result in a higher quote. Your quote will probably be higher if you need extra coverage for different reasons, including having valuable assets. Pay attention to what your coverage amount is, what policy form you have, and what it covers to get the right coverage for your needs — even if it’s not the lowest rate.

Here are some of the companies in California with the lowest premiums:

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Quote
State Farm$130
Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify’s partner insurance providers and quote estimates from Quadrant Information Services. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer’s unique profile.

How much homeowners insurance do you need in California?

How much insurance you need depends on your specific situation and needs. First of all, realize that if you take out a mortgage on your home, your mortgage lender will usually require you to purchase a home insurance policy.

You should understand exactly what your home insurance policy covers when you buy it so you know you’re covered for everything you need. Consider whether you have enough coverage to cover medical expenses related to an injury on your property, loss of use coverage if you can’t be in your home, and various types of property damage.

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What home insurance coverages should you buy in California?

You can expect four standard coverages, according to the III:

  • Structures coverage: This includes repairing or rebuilding your home as a result of disasters like fire, lightning, hail, hurricanes, and others listed in your policy. Other structures on your property might also be included.

  • Personal belongings: Clothing, furniture, electronics, and other items you have in the home are included. There might be policy limits, so you might need additional coverage for especially valuable items.

  • Liability protection: This covers you in case someone is injured on your property. You might need umbrella coverage for additional coverage or amounts beyond your policy limit.

  • Additional living expenses: While your home is being rebuilt or repaired, you might have to live elsewhere. Depending on the policy, this might cover hotel or rental bills.

What optional home insurance coverages should you buy in California?

One of the biggest considerations is an earthquake insurance policy, Rivera points out. California is prone to earthquakes, so this additional coverage makes sense.

“You should also consider flood insurance, depending on where you live,” Rivera says. “An unexpected rainstorm or another issue can lead to flooding, and most homeowners policies exclude damage due to flooding.”

Additional coverage might be warranted if you know that you have valuable items. You should also consider buying separate coverage if your dog is on a list of excluded breeds for liability insurance. Other items might include coverage for a pool or umbrella insurance for higher liability limits if you have a high income and expect to be sued.

How much home insurance coverage should you have in California?

As you consider how much coverage you should have, think about the following:

  • The value of your home

  • Where your home is located

  • Whether you have extra needs and unique options, such as coverage for a home office

  • Whether you need optional coverages or a higher amount of protection

  • If you have multiple units on a business property 

No single home insurance policy will work for every homeowner, as each home has different risk factors. Consider quotes from at least three different insurers before selecting a policy that fits your needs.

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What are some of the biggest risks when owning a home in California?

You’re likely to see a few common risks in California. The likelihood that your residential property will be subject to some of these perils can affect your home insurance cost:

  • Wildfire: Generally, fire coverage is included in your policy. However, there were 142 wildfires in California in 2022.[4] If you live in an area where wildfires are likely, you might have higher premiums.

  • Earthquake: More than 10,000 earthquakes hit Southern California each year.[5] Most of them can’t be felt, but perhaps 15 to 20 might cause damage as a result of being above a 4.0 magnitude. This coverage isn’t in your standard policy. However, you can get private coverage or you can get coverage through the state government.

  • Flooding: Every county in California has experienced a major flooding event in the last 25 years.[6] As a result, there’s a good chance you live in an area prone to flooding. Flood insurance isn’t included in most homeowners policies. You can buy a separate policy or an add-on from a private company. The federal government also offers flood insurance.

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How can you save money on homeowners insurance in California?

If you’re looking for a way to get cheaper insurance, here are some tips that can help you potentially lower your monthly premium.

Bundle home and auto insurance

You can save money if you get a home policy and a car insurance policy from the same company. Adding life insurance or some other policy might also result in a discount.

Take safety measures

Taking steps to protect your home can sometimes reduce your home insurance premiums. Some companies offer discounts for adding a security or fire mitigation system.

Choose a higher deductible

The more you’re willing to pay out of pocket for a claim, the lower your insurance premiums will likely be. If you choose a deductible of $2,500, you’ll get a cheaper premium than if you have a $500 deductible. Consider building an emergency fund large enough to cover your deductible so you can get a lower quote.

Comparison shop

Compare different companies before making your choice. Be sure that all the things you need are included in the quote. With comparison shopping, you can make sure you get the coverage you need for the best possible price.

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Average home replacement cost in California

The replacement cost of your home is the cost of reconstructing your home using the same type and quality of building materials. In general, you want enough coverage to cover the replacement cost to rebuild your home if it’s destroyed. Here’s how much you would need — on average — to rebuild your home in five California cities:

CityAverage Home Value
Los Angeles$444,756
San Diego$591,185
San Francisco$553,901
San Jose$387,540

California homeowners insurance FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about homeowners insurance in California.

  • The average monthly home insurance rate in California is $237. This is higher than the national average rate of about $155 per month. California’s rates might be higher due to the incidence of flood and wildfire and the need to buy additional earthquake insurance coverage, as well as the general higher cost of homes.

  • State Farm had the largest market share of property and casualty insurance policies in 2021.[7]

  • Rates in California have risen dramatically in recent years. Recent wildfires and increased building costs are some of the main drivers of higher premiums across the state.

  • Homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, but your mortgage company will probably require it. Even if you’re not required to buy homeowners insurance, it can be a good idea to protect your home and your assets in the event of an unexpected peril.


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