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Progressive Auto Insurance Review (2023)

Available in all 50 states, Progressive is the third-largest auto insurance company in the country, and offers a variety of coverage options and discounts to drivers.

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Progressive is a large insurer offering auto coverage nationwide. It’s been in business for over 75 years and offers many insurance products and coverage options, including the ability to customize your coverage. Make sure to take the time to compare car insurance quotes online and read company reviews before buying a policy.

Quick Facts

  • Progressive operates in all 50 states in the U.S.

  • Progressive is the third-largest auto insurer in the nation by market share.

  • Progressive offers a telematics program, Snapshot, that rewards good driving.

Progressive Industry Rankings and Scorecard

Overall, Progressive ranks average or better across many factors and organizations. Bear in mind that the company operates mainly through local agents, so the quality of service can vary by location.

The table below reflects Progressive’s reputation in the market via various financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s, along with J.D. Power ratings and the complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners[1].

Industry RankingProgressive Rating
J.D. Power819 out of 1,000
A.M. BestA+
Standard and Poor'sAA
NAIC Complaint Index            More complaints than average

Factors That Impact Your Progressive Car Insurance Quotes

Driving Record

Your driving record plays a major role in what you pay for your auto insurance. Progressive will likely raise your rate if you get multiple speeding tickets or cause an accident, but the increases aren’t permanent, as the infractions are removed from your driving record after a while. Drivers concerned about a rate increase can apply for Progressive’s Accident Forgiveness program.

Credit Score

Like most insurers, Progressive will consider your credit score when determining your rate. Insurers combine your credit score with your accident and claim history to create an insurance score, which indicates how likely you are to file a claim[2]. In some states, the use of credit scores is illegal, leaving insurers to rely on other factors like driving records and location.


Driver age also plays a significant role in determining monthly premiums, with younger drivers usually paying more than older drivers. Teen drivers pay the most since they are the most likely to be in an accident[3]. The older you get, the lower your rates will be, all else equal. Once you reach 75, however, your rates will likely begin increasing again as your risk increases.


The city or town you live in will also greatly impact your rates. Some cities have higher risk factors from major weather events, such as hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes. Others are densely populated, which increases the likelihood that drivers will file claims. If you live in a high-risk area, you’ll likely pay more for car insurance.

Vehicle Usage

How you use your vehicle also affects how much you’ll end up paying for car insurance. The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident and file a claim, and the premiums you pay will reflect this. Drivers who use their vehicles for business purposes or to drive for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft will need to purchase additional coverage.

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Progressive Car Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Great industry reputation

  • Many coverage options and discount opportunities

  • Snapshot telematics program that rewards good driving


  • Receives more customer complaints than average

  • Does not offer an anti-theft device discount

Progressive Car Insurance Coverage Options

Progressive provides all the basic car insurance coverages, like liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. You can also get personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist protection with Progressive. Some of these coverages may be required, while others may be optional, depending on your state.

Accident Forgiveness

Progressive’s Small Accident Forgiveness applies to every new customer in most states and protects your rate from going up for claims of $500 or less. Large Accident Forgiveness is part of the Loyalty Rewards Program. It prevents any rate increase no matter the claim size for drivers who have been with Progressive and accident-free for five consecutive years.

Rideshare Coverage

Drivers who use their vehicles for Uber, Lyft, or any similar program can get rideshare insurance through Progressive by adding it to their personal auto policies. Progressive also offers rideshare coverage for drivers participating in delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats in most states.

Roadside Assistance

If you add roadside assistance coverage to your policy, Progressive will pay for towing to any mechanic shop within 15 miles. The program also provides flat tire changes, lock-out service, gas delivery, and other related services like jump starts and winching.

Rental Reimbursement

If you’re in an accident, Progressive will pay for a rental car until you get your vehicle back from the body shop. You can choose the daily limit (the cost to rent a car per day) and coverage limit (the total amount you can claim) that you want covered by Progressive.

Gap Insurance

Progressive offers gap insurance for drivers with loans worth more than their actual vehicles, which can sometimes happen since a car’s value depreciates once it’s purchased. For example, if you owe $20,000 on your loan and your car is only worth $15,000, gap insurance ensures that the provider pays you the full $20,000 if your car is totaled or stolen, minus your deductible.

Deductible Savings Bank

With this coverage feature, Progressive will subtract $50 from your collision and comprehensive deductible for every policy period you go without a claim. Progressive’s auto policy periods only last six months, so drivers can reduce their deductibles by $100 per year if they drive safely. If your deductible were $500, your deductible would be $0 after five years without an incident.

Custom Parts and Equipment Value

If you decide to add custom parts, like a new stereo system, custom wheels, or anything that the manufacturer didn’t install, CPE coverage will protect your new equipment. Usually, this kind of coverage has a $5,000 limit.

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

Progressive offers many discounts that drivers can take advantage of depending on their driving profile, which includes driving history, the car you drive, and the coverage you select. Progressive segments its discounts into three categories: loyalty-based, driver-based, and policy-based discounts.

Loyalty-Based Discounts

If you insure multiple vehicles with Progressive, you can save with the multi-car discount. Progressive also offers multi-policy and bundling discounts for customers who purchase two or more products, whether it be auto, home, renters, motorcycle, boat, or RV insurance.

Driver-Based Discounts

Depending on your driving profile and needs, there are multiple driver-based discounts you could qualify for at Progressive. Homeowners, teen drivers, good students, and parents who have driving-age children away at school without a car can all receive discounts. Progressive’s telematics program, Snapshot, is another way to save by tracking your driving habits.

Policy-Based Discounts

Going paperless and signing your policy documents online earn you discounts with Progressive. Drivers who set up automatic payments or pay in full will also receive discounts from the insurer.

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Progressive Snapshot

Progressive offers customers a telematics program called Snapshot that rewards safe driving habits. The program is usage-based, meaning your rates will be influenced by how you drive and how frequently you drive. While the program is designed to reduce rates for drivers who drive safely, it can sometimes increase rates for those who demonstrate high-risk behavior.

How does Progressive Snapshot work?

After enrolling on Progressive’s website, customers can either choose to receive a telematics device in the mail to plug into a port near their car’s steering wheel or to use the mobile app. Snapshot considers various factors to determine a personal driving score that will help determine your next premium.

Snapshot tracks how often you drive, hard braking, accelerations, how often you use your phone, and the time of day you drive. The best ways to save with Snapshot are to drive less, stay off the roads between midnight and 4 a.m., and avoid hard braking, sudden accelerations, and using your phone while driving.

Progressive Snapshot Costs and Discounts

Snapshot is free to sign up for, with new customers in some states receiving a discount for signing up in the first two terms of their policies. Ultimately, the size of the discount a customer receives depends on their recorded driving habits. Progressive reports that 8 out of 10 drivers see reduced rates.

Progressive Snapshot Reviews

Reviews for Progressive’s Snapshot program vary based on individual experience. Many policyholders appreciate the ease of inserting a telematics device that does the work for them, but some feel the device’s sensitivity does not account for all scenarios. If you’re not sure that the program is right for you, Progressive offers a 30-day trial, even if you’re not a policyholder.

How to Cancel Progressive Snapshot

Customers who decide to cancel their participation in the Snapshot program are free to do so at any point by deleting the app or returning the device. You might be required to pay a surcharge in certain states if you opt out after 45 days of enrollment. Additionally, any driving data already shared with Progressive may impact future rates.

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Progressive Car Insurance Reputation

Progressive has been in business for over 75 years and has a good reputation for auto insurance. It’s the third-largest auto insurance company in the U.S., claiming 13.8 percent of the market, or 35.8 million auto policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute[4]. However, as its NAIC score indicates, it has more customer complaints than average.

Progressive Customer Service

Progressive’s customer service is generally well-regarded by policyholders. It’s available 24/7, online or over the phone — at 1 (800) 671-4405. You can also complete many simple tasks online or with the mobile app, such as paying bills, managing payment methods, tracking a claim, and updating your personal information.

Progressive Claims-Filing Process

Before you file a claim, be sure to take photos of the accident, file a police report if required, and get the contact information of all parties involved. You can file a claim online, through the Progressive app, or by calling 1 (800) 776-4737 to file with an agent. An estimator from Progressive will then inspect the damage to your car and estimate the cost to repair it.

After seeing the estimate, you can decide if you want to get the repairs done or just receive a payment. If you choose not to get repairs, Progressive will send you the amount it would cost to repair the car. However, if your car is totaled (meaning the cost to repair the car is more than the car’s actual value), Progressive will simply pay you the value of your car.

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Progressive: Is it right for you?

The only way to know if any car insurance company is the right fit is to compare your options. Once you decide what coverage you need, take the time to compare car insurance companies online, explore discounts, and read company reviews[5].

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Progressive is a reputable company with good financial ratings and a nationwide presence. Although it has some complaints, it writes the third-most policies of any insurer in the country. Everyone’s insurance needs are unique, so the only way to know if Progressive is the best choice for you is to compare all the car insurance options available.

  • There is no single cost of car insurance with Progressive since rates vary depending on many factors. Location, driving record, and vehicle usage are just a few of the things that can affect your premiums. The coverage you choose and the discounts you qualify for will also impact how much you pay.

  • Snapshot works by tracking your driving habits and behavior through a mobile app or a plug-in device that goes under your steering wheel. Good driving is rewarded with lower premiums, while risky driving, like hard braking and sudden accelerations, typically increases rates.

  • You can cancel your policy with Progressive over the phone, by email, or through the mail.

  • Finding cheap car insurance begins with knowing what coverage you need and how high to set your coverage limits. You should also have a clear idea of which discounts you qualify for and how much you’re willing to pay. With that info in hand, you should explore policies from several insurers, and the easiest way to do so is through online car insurance quote comparison.


Insurance writers at Insurify aggregated the data on this page from various sources, including the Insurance Information Institute (III), J.D. Power, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Experian, and Progressive. Financial ratings from A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s were considered, along with consumer reports from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and ConsumerAffairs, to provide a holistic view of Progressive.

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